Too Good to be True? A Natural Sugar for Weight Loss

Chocolate-Sauce-with-Berries (

Research is showing that a certain natural sugar has multiple health benefits, including lowering blood glucose and significant weight loss. Two servings of food sweetened with seven grams each of this delicious substance have an effect comparable to that of a new drug for weight loss or even bariatric surgery!

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A Personal Story: A close relative called me recently to tell me that her husband had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and was rapidly getting worse. His doctor told them there was no cure and recommended he take Aricept, a drug that he said would not stop the progression of the disease, but might help him function slightly better than he would without it. The prescription was very expensive and she asked if I knew anything about it and if I thought it was worth…

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LETTER FROM PARADISE, PART 2, and Hawaiian Coconut Dessert

coconut tapioca pudding - hawaii Allerton Gardens

We got a sample of the kind of Eden that once existed on Kauai when we visited the Allerton Gardens, a breathtaking tropical jungle created by Robert Allerton, a wanna-be artist from Chicago and heir to a family fortune, who purchased the land in 1938.

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“Eton Mess” is one of those silly names the English have for homey dishes, like Toad in a Hole (sausages cooked in popover batter), Bubble and Squeak (fried mashed potatoes with cabbage), Spotted Dick (boiled pudding with raisins), and Wet Nelly (bread pudding). One story says the name originated at Eton college when a dog sat on a picnic basket that contained a strawberry meringue cake. The resulting mess was so delicious, they’ve been squashing them ever since. ETON MESS Try this with cooked rhubarb or a mixture of rhubarb and strawberries…

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This is a very simple cheesecake with options for making it without regular cream cheese or chicken eggs. I’ve discovered that even though I react badly to everything from a chicken (meat, feathers, and eggs), and to dairy products from A1-type cows, I can eat other kinds of eggs and the cheese, butter, and yogurt from goats and water buffalo. Remaking this recipe took some trail and error, but it was so worth it be able to eat cheesecake again! CHEESECAKE Ingredients 1 recipe of Almond…

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Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

You may not be familiar with lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), a relative of cranberries, unless you’ve had lunch at an IKEA store. They grow wild in cold climates and are popular for jams and sauces in Scandinavia. I planted some as a groundcover in my front yard and developed a profound respect for anyone who harvests these tiny, tart berries. No wonder we seldom see them in places where there are alternatives like big fat strawberries, raspberries, and cherries! (Even though I had them growing in my…

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Chocolate Peanut butter Fudge by Judy Barnes Baker

Here’s my new, favorite fudge recipe. I love to eat it straight out of the freezer.  Ingredients: 1/2 cup of butter or part coconut oil 1/2 cup natural peanut butter, plain or chunky 2 ounces cream cheese, softened to room temperature 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Liquid sugar substitute equal to 1 cup sugar (I used EZ-Sweetz) 1/3 cup vanilla whey protein powder, such as MRM brand 1/3 cup cocoa powder Dash of salt 1/4 cup walnuts, chopped (optional) Directions: Butter a 5×7-inch baking dish or pan and line…

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Watch for the EZ-Sweetz infomercial due to air on The Food Network, the Cooking Channel, and some other channels tomorrow or Wednesday, Sept 18 or 19, 2012. (Update: they are now scheduled to start of Friday.) Low-carb celebrity chef, George Stella, stars in the ad (doing his best imitation of the guy in the ShamWow commercials!). EZ-Sweetz is offering a fantastic deal to introduce this new sweetener, which will soon be available in retail stores nation-wide. The booklet pictured above that I put together for them will be included…

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