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Judy Barnes Baker

Judy-Barnes-Baker (CarbWarsCookbooks.com)

I was born in Arkansas, where I lived until I was 14 when my family moved to West Virginia. I graduated from WVU with a dual major in Art and Education and a minor in literature. (My advisor insisted on the teaching credentials so I wouldn’t starve.) I graduated with highest honors and a membership in Phi Beta Kappa and continued with graduate studies there.

I always knew I would be an artist when I grew up. I am a right-brained, alternative thinker who could miss the obvious but come up with off-the-wall solutions that wouldn’t occur to most people. (Luckily, I married a left brain, which makes it easier to function in the real world.) I have a long resume of exhibits and awards as a painter and fiber artist.

Low-Carb Diets

So how did an artist come to write a book on health, diet, and nutrition? I am as surprised as anyone else, but it was a matter of necessity, not choice. My husband had always said he would never live to retire because of health problems and family history, and he took early retirement to be close to his grandchildren so they would remember him. His weight, blood pressure and blood lipid profile had gotten steadily worse over the years. Every time he went to the doctor, his medications would be increased, and he was starting to get serious side effects. I first learned about low-carb diets from a friend and decided to see if that would help get him off some of his many medications. I knew he would eat what I gave him as long as it was good. Six months later, he went in for his regular checkup. When the test results came in the mail, the Dr. had written “Way to go!” across the bottom. (The Dr. had no idea how he had done it, and never asked.) We have been committed to the low-carb life and enjoying its benefits ever since.

Eating For Pleasure

After seven years of re-creating all our favorite recipes, I wanted to share what I have learned so other people wouldn’t have to start from scratch. My working title was You’ll Never Know What You Are Missing, which sums up what I was trying to do: to make eating for health synonymous with eating for pleasure. I published my second book, Nourished, in 2012. So am I still an artist? Absolutely. And I consider Carb Wars and Nourished to be the most creative things I have ever done. I am currently a member of Northwest Designer Craftsmen and the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Duck In A Boat, LLC

Duck In A Boat, LLC is a family operated small business that develops educational and entertainment books, software, and videos.

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