The Scariest Vegetable!

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My grandson, Brandon, a graduate student at Duke University’s Marine Lab in North Carolina, sent us pictures of his anglerfish jack-o-lantern. As you can see from the picture of a real anglerfish, he nailed it! (He used a lollipop for the lantern and the fins are made from a cereal box.) The anglerfish, with its gaping maw and fearsome jagged teeth is also called, appropriately, “the devil fish,” but there is something else in these pictures that can be scary, especially for those of us…

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AFTER POTATOES  Close your eyes and tell me what you see when I say comfort food. Did you see potatoes? Chances are they were mashed with a pool of butter or gravy on top. Or perhaps the spuds in your mind’s eye were deep-fried, crispy and brown, and cozied up to a little paper cup of ketchup. The USDA reported that potatoes are the most commonly eaten vegetable in America. ( Tomatoes, another member of the nightshade family, came in a distant second. Our rocky…

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  This recipe uses my Almond Pie Crust from Nourished. You can find it here  However the pie in the picture is made with a new one that I’m currently working on. I’ll post it when I have it finalized and written up. PUMPKIN PIE The biggest problem with custard-based pies is the soggy bottom crust. Pre-baking the crust and partially cooking the filling before putting it in the shell is the secret to this rich, creamy pumpkin pie. Ingredients: 9-inch Almond Pie Crust 2 large eggs 1 and 1/2 cups half…

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Wishing for a Blue Moon

Blue Moon © 2008 Savor this shortest of seasons, now compressed into a few short weeks and in danger of disappearing altogether, as the Christmas monster relentlessly gobbles up ever more of the calendar. Autumn officially starts when pumpkins ripen in the fields and show up in colorful profusion at markets and roadside stands. This versatile member of the squash clan offers much more than Jack-o-lanterns and pies, so give your fairy godmother the day off and work a little magic of your own before…

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