Eureka (Part 2)


How did we become the sickest and most medicated people in the industrialized world while paying twice as much for healthcare? We know what the problem is (inflammation). We know when it started (the late ‘70s). We know where it happened first (North America). The missing piece of the puzzle is what are we doing to cause it?

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WHO world map showing areas with vitamin-A deficiency.

More than just a solution, a possible cure for chronic auto-immune disease!

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– Those who have diabetes who want to reduce or eliminate their dependence on medication. -Those who have a family history of diabetes or have been told they are pre-diabetic or insulin resistant. Anyone with an “apple” body shape is probably insulin resistant. -Those who suffer from hypoglycemia. -The overweight…

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SUMMER ADVENTURES: Southern California and Dr. St. Amand

I’ve been traveling for the past three weeks. I will blog my way through my notes about the interesting things I encountered, food-related and otherwise. The first leg of our travels took us to Southern California for a family trip touring the theme parks and tourist attractions with my daughter,…

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