LETTER FROM PARADISE, PART 2, and Hawaiian Coconut Dessert

coconut tapioca pudding - hawaii Allerton Gardens

We got a sample of the kind of Eden that once existed on Kauai when we visited the Allerton Gardens, a breathtaking tropical jungle created by Robert Allerton, a wanna-be artist from Chicago and heir to a family fortune, who purchased the land in 1938.

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Family trip to Kauai, 50th Anniversary, Hawaiian recipes: Chocolate Macadamias and Shave Ice. So much catching up to do! I came back from a family trip to Hawaii with stories to tell and ideas to share. Dean and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in June and our kids treated us to a party while we were all together on Kauai.…

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My husband had a business meeting in Switzerland the week before Thanksgiving and I decided to go along since I had the chance. The picture above shows a unit at the Palafitte Hotel on Lake Neuchatel (literally ON Lake Neuchatel) where we stayed. It was like being on a luxury cruise without the rocking. Switzerland is known for watches, knives,…

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The 3rd Annual Low-Carb Cruise

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“The Fascination” at the Carnival Cruise Terminal in Jacksonville Florida. Debbie Cusick took this “arty” picture of me reading the graffiti at Fort Charlotte in Nassau. Here is the rest of our tour group with our guide (that’s me in the hat, Mary-Clare Holst in the white shirt, and Kerrie Lettiero with the visor. Debbie took the picture.) Our 3rd…

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