Too Good to be True? A Natural Sugar for Weight Loss

Chocolate-Sauce-with-Berries (

Research is showing that a certain natural sugar has multiple health benefits, including lowering blood glucose and significant weight loss. Two servings of food sweetened with seven grams each of this delicious substance have an effect comparable to that of a new drug for weight loss or even bariatric surgery!

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Well, this is refreshing news! After watching so many low-carb products disappear in the past few years, finally there is a new one. Hopefully this is the vanguard of a new low-carb trend.  After his doctor warned him to cut down on sugar or face Type 2 diabetes, Jon Gordon invented Clemmy’s ice cream in his kitchen in Palm Springs, CA and named it after his cat. Clemmy’s is said to reproduce the taste and texture of the super-premium ice creams with 25 percent fewer…

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