Eureka (Part 2)


How did we become the sickest and most medicated people in the industrialized world while paying twice as much for healthcare? We know what the problem is (inflammation). We know when it started (the late ‘70s). We know where it happened first (North America). The missing piece of the puzzle is what are we doing to cause it?

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Food blogger, Carolyn Ketchum, will be signing her new book, The Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen, at Third Place Books in Seattle, October 5th, at 7 to 9 PM PST. The address is 17171 Bothell Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98155. The store is in Lake Forest Park, not far from where I live. I plan to be there if I possibly can. I haven’t seen the book yet because I wanted to buy a copy at the signing, but I know Carolyn, so I am sure it…

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Woman Almost Killed by 5 mgs of Vitamin B

To all my online friends: I’m sorry to have dropped out of sight so suddenly. I have been through a strange ordeal. I’m not back to normal yet–I have trouble typing and have to re-learn to walk and re-learn how to use all my devices. I will tell you the whole story as soon as I can. If it were in the newspaper, the headline would be: “Woman almost killed by 5 mgs of vitamin B!” PS: Here is the whole story:

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