LETTER FROM PARADISE, PART 2, and Hawaiian Coconut Dessert

coconut tapioca pudding - hawaii Allerton Gardens

We got a sample of the kind of Eden that once existed on Kauai when we visited the Allerton Gardens, a breathtaking tropical jungle created by Robert Allerton, a wanna-be artist from Chicago and heir to a family fortune, who purchased the land in 1938.

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Family trip to Kauai, 50th Anniversary, Hawaiian recipes: Chocolate Macadamias and Shave Ice. So much catching up to do! I came back from a family trip to Hawaii with stories to tell and ideas to share. Dean and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in June and our kids treated us to a party while we were all together on Kauai. My husband put together a slide show hitting some of the high points of our life together; some that even our kids didn’t know about…

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A delicious frozen treat that can be ready in an flash! Sugar-free and low-carb. Three years ago we planted three dwarf, thornless raspberry bushes. They were a new variety called Raspberry Shortcake™. We had a lot of rain this spring and the bushes exploded with big, sweet berries. We have eaten a lot more than we should have, given them away, frozen them, and made pies, but they keep coming. The good news is, we will have enough for many future batches of my new…

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“Eton Mess” is one of those silly names the English have for homey dishes, like Toad in a Hole (sausages cooked in popover batter), Bubble and Squeak (fried mashed potatoes with cabbage), Spotted Dick (boiled pudding with raisins), and Wet Nelly (bread pudding). One story says the name originated at Eton college when a dog sat on a picnic basket that contained a strawberry meringue cake. The resulting mess was so delicious, they’ve been squashing them ever since. ETON MESS Try this with cooked rhubarb or a mixture of rhubarb and strawberries…

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This is a very simple cheesecake with options for making it without regular cream cheese or chicken eggs. I’ve discovered that even though I react badly to everything from a chicken (meat, feathers, and eggs), and to dairy products from A1-type cows, I can eat other kinds of eggs and the cheese, butter, and yogurt from goats and water buffalo. Remaking this recipe took some trail and error, but it was so worth it be able to eat cheesecake again! CHEESECAKE Ingredients 1 recipe of Almond…

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Kumquats are usually hard to find and expensive, but I found some on sale at a local Asian market at a very good price. I like to use them in recipes that call for citrus zest because it is so much easier—you just pull out the pulp and use the whole, sweet skin as you would orange or lemon zest. (Most citrus fruits have a thin, outer layer of rind called the zest, a thick, inner layer of bitter, white pith, and sweet, juicy flesh.…

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Good Fat Fudge on Plate 1

“A truly dramatic shift in Americans’ eating behavior is playing out in the area of fat consumption. Animal fats, demonized for decades as prime contributors to obesity and heart disease, are being rehabilitated as new research calls their culpability into question. The emerging generation of Millennial consumers has embraced animal fats for their chemical-free purity, and at the same time the Food and Drug Administration has outlawed artificial, plant-based trans fats. The net result is a big, fat renaissance for classic ingredients like butter, lard,…

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YOU DID WHAT TO THAT EGG? (Chocolate-stuffed, deep-fried eggs)

I came across a recipe for chocolate-stuffed, deep-fried, hard-boiled eggs in a classic Italian cookbook. The instructions were sketchy and the ingredients list didn’t give amounts for some things. I had my doubts, but tried to follow the directions as written; it was a total disaster. (The coating didn’t stick and the filling leaked into the oil making a spluttering mess.) I looked online to see if I could find another version of the recipe, probably passed down from someone’s Italian grandmother, in case it…

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We are most vulnerable to the lure of junk foods when the munchies strike and we just want a quick snack. These handy, healthful, and portable bars can help you resist the doughnuts in the break room or the pizza, pretzels, and cinnamon buns at the food court. I prefer to make my own bars because it is really easy and I can control what is in them. I use quality ingredients and my bars are not cooked so those ingredients stay fresh and the fats…

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You could be eating ooey, gooey, chocolatey cake in a matter of minutes! Ingredients: 2 tablespoons almond flour 1 tablespoon coconut flour 1 tablespoon cocoa powder ½ teaspoon baking powder A pinch of salt 1 large egg 1 tablespoon Natural Mate,* equal to 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon melted butter or coconut oil ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoons sugar-free chocolate chips 2 tablespoons additional sugar-free chocolate chips for topping Whipped cream or ice cream and berries for garnish, optional Directions: Combine almond and coconut…

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Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

You may not be familiar with lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), a relative of cranberries, unless you’ve had lunch at an IKEA store. They grow wild in cold climates and are popular for jams and sauces in Scandinavia. I planted some as a groundcover in my front yard and developed a profound respect for anyone who harvests these tiny, tart berries. No wonder we seldom see them in places where there are alternatives like big fat strawberries, raspberries, and cherries! (I picked a sprig to garnish my sorbet in the…

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