Repost: Vitamin A Elimination Diet Experience Survey Results

Grant’s survey showed that 76% reported that they either think they are on the right track or think that they are on the right track but they need to stay on it longer. I think that is an amazing result, but Grant wants the number to be 95+%. I pointed out to him that some of the responders were probably people who learned about the diet from my first post on the subject, and if they started it immediately they would only have been on it for about two months when they took the survey. Two months is not really long enough to see many beneficial effects, so perhaps the 21.9% who reported that they were “not sure” will join the other 76% in a few months, raising the positive reports to 97.9% and exceeding Grant’s expectations. He said he would check to see how long those who were having a good outcome had been on the diet.

His first two charts show a much bleaker picture, but he says they are not based on “real” data: “To help frame the discussion, here are some illustrations (not real data)….” He plans to do another survey in one year and he will take how long the participants have been following the protocol into consideration.

The results of the survey are here:

Grant Genereux’s Original Vitamin A Elimination Diet Survey is available here:

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Judy Barnes Baker

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