Low-Carb news is looking up

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Dr. Eades, http://www.proteinpower.com/, posted today and yesterday (26th and 27th) about a documentary film, by Tom Naughton, that is due out soon. He has a lot of clips from the movie that you can watch on his site.

It is an answer to the “Supersize Me” movie by Morgan Spurlock. Spurlock blamed the fat in his McDonald’s diet for causing him to gain 25 pounds and develop fatty liver disease in one month. This guy ate at McDonald’s for a month only without the buns or sodas and lost 12 pounds and improved his blood lipid profile, showing that it was the sugar not the fat that caused Spurlock’s problems. It’s sort of Monty Python-esque–I hope it gets some play.

Also, Jimmy Moore reports that the ADA plans to announce in January that they are changing their recommendations about carbs for diabetics. That would be huge. It’s on Jimmy’s blog today at livinlavidalowcarb.com.

Things are looking up.

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