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Due to an inventory mistake at the fulfillment center, Carb Wars is temporarily sold out. A second printing is underway and more books should be available soon. Amazon does not have any books in stock, but will continue to take orders. (My Amazon page now says, “usually ships in one to two months,” but it shouldn’t take nearly that long.) Regular bookstores may still be able to get copies from Ingram by special order. The Cookbook Marketplace, www.cookbookparketplace.com, also has a few left and they are having a Fall sale on all their titles until the end of October. They are offering a 30% discount if you use the following code when placing an order: OCT09-30.

To all of you who purchased books and came back to buy more for your friends and family, and to all of you reviewed Carb Wars, mentioned it on your blogs, or recommended it to others, THANK YOU!

(C) 2009, Judy Barnes Baker

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