Dr. Richard Feinman has been diligently working behind the scenes to get the message out about the lack of research integrity in regard to carbohydrate restricted diets. He will be hosting a session on The Crisis in Nutrition today, March 15, at the Office of Research Integrity Conference in Washington DC. (You may remember when he solicited our personal success stories to be part of this presentation. Bloggers, Jimmy Moore, Tom Naughton, and Laura Dolson put together The Voice of the People, which will be presented by Tom.)

The recent study about red meat that made headlines demonstrates how important this is. These meaningless epidemiological studies grab the headlines while much serious research never gets reported to the public. The following is Dr. Feinman’s post about the conference and how you can help.

Confronting the Crisis in Nutrition. The Office of Research Integrity Conference on Quest for Research Excellence.

The Office of Research Integrity is hosting a conference on the Quest for Research Excellence and, for the first time, a session that directly confronts policy and The Crises in Nutrition. The Speakers will delineate the problem — the two worlds of establishment nutrition and the major challenge of low carbohydrate diets, the growing problems of childhood obesity and our failure to deal with it, the confusion in the popular press on scientific issues, and finally, the voice of the patient, the failure to listen to the people who are dissatisfied with official guidelines and who have found workable solutions themselves. Three specific goals are recommended: 1) open hearings in which all researchers are represented, 2) funding research in which all people in low carbohydrate research work with others and finally, 3) a new oversight agency from NSF or Office of Research and Technology Policy.

The three goals may be a useful crystallizing point for moving forward. What can you do?

  1. Contact your elected officials and copy one of the authors from the conference. Use the Abstracts below as a basis for your own version of what needs to be done. The three goals can be more narrowly focused for your own interests.
  2. Encourage local media to cover the meeting. Information is at http://ori.hhs.gov and the speakers can be contacted.
  3. Publicize your version of the three goals on your blog, your facebook page or other social media.

Read the rest of Dr. Fineman’s post here:

POSTSCRIPT: You can listen to Tom’s speech on U-Tube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-oP34xXFWM&feature=player_embedded

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