The Best Anti-wrinkle Treatment Money Can’t Buy.

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I came across an article in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine about some of the latest anti-aging beauty treatments that included this description of a very expensive product developed by Dr. Fredric Brandt to prevent wrinkles:

“A new category of antiaging treatments is aimed at preventing sugar from damaging skin. When we consume sweets, excess sugar attaches to elastin fibers, causing them to harden. This process, called glycation, makes skin lose elasticity and wrinkle more easily. ‘Products containing anti-inflammatory alistin prevent glycation,’ says Brandt, who recently introduced Dr. Brandt Lineless Anti-Glycation Serum ($90).”

This reminds me of the anti-smoking ads showing how cigarettes cause pucker lines to form on the upper lip. If cancer and death wouldn’t convince you to quit smoking, perhaps the fear of wrinkles would. Maybe the same tactic would work for sugar.

Dr. Brandt’s serum may be a dandy way to prevent sugar damage to the skin on your face, but just think of the implications! If you don’t eat the sugar to start with, you can have the same treatment, not only for your face, but for ALL of your skin and every other part of your whole body as well, inside and out, without spending a penny!

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  1. Great…. it’s really nice. Also tried anti wrinkle products available at Unbelievableme & found them so fantastic.

  2. Many other well-known skin experts and dermatologists have expressed their concerns about sugars in our diets and the glycation as a process extremely damaging to our skin including Dr.Perricone, expert on facial rejuvenation and author of “The Wrinkle Cure”, and Dr.Brandt, New York Dermatologist and Author of “Age-Less”.

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