Riboflavin Can Fix The MTHFR Polymorphism


Good news for all of us who have the MTHFR 677C T gene mutation, especially those of us who have trouble taking the methylated B vitamins to replace the ones our bodies can’t make properly.

Alex Leaf, MS, CISSN, researcher for Examine.com, says it only takes 2–5 mgs of riboflavin (B2) per day to make the MTHFR gene work the way it should! Thank you, Alex, for an easy solution to a very complex problem!

I found a liquid form of B2 with a dropper since that can be used under the tongue which may help with absorption. Even large doses probably won’t hurt you because the Bs are water soluble.

Quote from article here:

Improving riboflavin status may make MTHFR work like it should, since the 677C→T mutation simply reduces its ability to bind with its riboflavin-dependent cofactor (FAD). It’s literally addressing the cause (making MTHFR work like normal) rather than the symptom (supplementing with 5-methyl THF because you make less of it).” ~Alex Leaf

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Judy Barnes Baker

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