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One of the 2 winners of prize package #4 was Nancy Marsh. Congratulations, Nancy! The second winner has not contacted me yet to claim his prize and give me his address.

So, Ken R., if you are reading this, you have until Saturday, February 11 to get in touch with me or I will have to choose an alternate winner. For the rest of you, there is still time to enter your name in the drawing for Prize Package #5!

Thank you to all of you have been helping me spread the word about “Nourished.” Some of you have come up with ideas that didn’t occur to me, such as asking your local library to order it. You can also LIKE the book on Amazon or write a review. (You can post reviews even if you bought your book somewhere else as long as you are an Amazon customer.)

Your help has become especially important because of the Amazon snafu. They finally took down the “Out of Print” notice on the book page, but it now says, “Ships in 1 to 2 MONTHS!” We are totally baffled as to what is going on. They have been taking orders and shipping books and just placed a big order for more. They have never taken a month to ship them. Here is a comment from one buyer who placed an order in spite of the warning about how long it would take:

“I bought mine from Amazon. They said it was out of stock, but I still got it in a few days time. It’s a wonderful book!” 

Thanks, Brenda!

“Nourished” is also available from these other vendors:

LC Foods 

Danforth Books

(c) 2012, Judy Barnes Baker,

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