It has been over 30 years since Dr. Bill Cham developed a highly successful treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers (squamous cell cancer, basal cell cancer, and actinic keratosis). I wrote about it here in 2013, but had not yet seen it work then; now that I have (three times!), I think everyone should know about it.

My experience with Curaderm

My husband had an job working for the local parks every summer while he was in high school and college. He wore baseball caps that left his ears exposed while he was working outdoors in the hot sun, which was likely the cause of the basal cell carcinoma that formed on top of his left ear many years later. I told him about Curaderm at the time, but he decided to go with the standard treatment recommended by his dermatologist: Mohs Micrographic Surgery. The cancer was small, but they removed all the surrounding tissue that showed even one malignant cell plus a extra margin for safety, so he lost a good sized chunk of skin and cartilage.

Fast forward a couple of years and the cancer returned, a little lower on the same ear. Faced with losing even more of his ear, he said, “OK, I’ll try your cream.” I ordered it from from England (since they were not allowed to sell it in the U.S. at that time) and applied it for him, twice a day, straight out of the tube, and covered it with porous tape, as directed. The lesion got bigger until it became an open wound, then it started to shrink. After a few weeks of applications, it was completely replaced with pink, healthy skin that looked as fresh and new as a baby’s bottom. (No scar!)

Several years later, a third spot showed up on his other ear. We promptly started the treatment and I ordered more cream to be sure we wouldn’t run out. Because he had a business trip coming up, we speeded it up by applying the cream more often so it would heal before he had to leave. The last bit of open wound closed the day before he left and again, the cancer was replaced with fresh, pink, healthy skin. I put the remainder of the cream in the back of the refrigerator, where it stayed for the last four years.

I brought it out again recently when a relative visited. She had a couple of sunspots she was concerned about, especially one that matched one of the pictures in Dr. Cham’s book. The expiration date on the tube showed it was still OK to use for another year,* so she started the treatment before going home and took the remaining cream with her. I spoke to her a few days later and she said the lesions were almost gone. She is very happy and I am happy that I had a solution for her. (The newer book from the Curaderm website says you can speed up the healing by using it more often, even up to once every hour, which is welcome news!)

Where to find Curaderm

There is now an official distributor for Curaderm BEC5 in the U.S. It is here: Curaderm BEC5 20 ml Cream by Dr. Cham – Curaderm naturally removes non-melanoma skin cancer without harming healthy cells | I’ve also seen the original product for sale on E-Bay and some other sites. However, if you search on Amazon for “Curaderm,” you will find only a product called “Sunspot,” a milder compound intended to treat pre-cancerous age spots. They call it a glycoalkaloid exfoliant, so it does contain the effective plant extract and may be an adequate substitute for the more expensive, more concentrated, original cream for less serious symptoms.

Many of the sellers include a free book and a roll of porous tape when you order the original cream.

There are also now several knockoff versions of Dr. Cham’s cream. One is for sale on Amazon here. As expected, the maker doesn’t make any claims for the product, but directs you to Goggle to find out what it is for. This is from their page: “‘I’m not going to make any health statements here but you will easily google and find out what eggplant salve/tincture is used for. One source would be Dr. Oz’s article. Search for Dr.Oz on eggplant salve.

I doubt that any of the alternatives have the robust clinical evidence to support their efficacy like the original, and I would like to support Dr. Cham, however, I don’t know if he gets any profit from the sale of his product now anyway. (Perhaps we should send him a note recognizing him for his Nobel-Prize-Worthy accomplishment to let him know that we are grateful.)

Quotes about Curaderm:

“Dr. Cham developed a cream, called Curaderm, using the plant extract. He says the active ingredient is not like any current anti-tumor agent. Receptors for the chemical are present only on cancer cells and this explains why during treatment, the cancer cells are eliminated and replaced by normal cells without forming scar tissue…His treatment has undergone rigorous testing and by 2007, it had already cured about 70,000 cancer patients in Australia…”


“Curaderm-BEC5 is one of those rare gems. I’ve interviewed dozens of satisfied customers, viewed videotapes and photographs revealing the dramatic differences before and after using the cream. The stuff works. It works so well. Curaderm-BEC5 is an inexpensive, safe and very effective method of treating and preventing skin cancer and keratoses. I think it’s one item that needs to be tucked away in the back of your medicine cabinet.” (Note from JBB–tuck it away in your refrigerator!)

Dr. David William, Alternatives Magazine

“Amongst numerous clinical trials carried out extensively in the UK and elsewhere, approval by the Royal London Hospital shows clearly that BEC5 is a safe, effective and viable alternative to surgery and other invasive methods in treating BCC.” You can view the clinical work of the Royal London Hospital on BEC5 here.

“These non melanoma skin cancers Squamous cell carcinoma and Basal cell carcinoma represent 90% of all skin cancers. Dermatologists recommend BEC5 for total removal of cancer cells at all skin layers, down to the roots of the cancer cells. Eliminating all traces means the cancer NEVER comes back. Curaderm-BEC5 clinical results show zero recurrence after 10 years. This is evidenced in the international acclaimed “Cancer Letters” and other medical journals.”

For a list of clinical trails of Curaderm go to:

Two books that explain how BEC5 works:

The Eggplant Cancer Cure: A Treatment for Skin Cancer and New Hope for Other Cancers from Nature’s Pharmacy, by Bill E. Cham. (121 pages)

A free online booklet about Curaderm is here: Curaderm Information Booklet for Wholesalers (

Notes and Tips:

*Some sellers now say Curaderm expires in two years, rather than five. I doubt that the ingredients have changed; they may be exercising more caution or perhaps just hoping to increase sales.

How to fix Curaderm if it separates:

If your tube of Curaderm separates, put it in a cup of warm water for about 10 minutes and then shake it and knead the tube until it is emulsified. Store it in the refrigerator.

Scam Alerts:

Many of the sellers who offer Curaderm include a roll of porous tape and a book about the product. Be careful if you try to buy only the book; it may just be a greatly overpriced pamphlet meant to accompany the product. (One site advertised the book for $198 and said it included a “free” tube of the cream. Comments from unhappy buyers said they did not receive any product, just a small booklet.)

One more caveat:

Few products are 100% effective for everyone. As I mentioned in my 2013 post, my own results with Curaderm for sunspots were neither impressive nor typical. I think I now know why. I recently found out that I have a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that causes those who have it to make defective connective tissue and collagen. Any treatment that works by stimulating the growth of new skin tissue does not work well for me because I just replace the old defective tissue with new defective tissue. Now that I know about EDS, and I am correcting for it (with the Cusack Protocol and crossed fingers!), I plan to try again.


The information contained in this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied upon as a medical advice. Always consult your doctor before using any supplement.

I am not affiliated with any company and do not receive a commission on sales.

(c) 2022, Judy Barnes Baker

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Judy Barnes Baker

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1 year ago

In general cancer, scientists have managed to kill it in mice about 30 times now…and can only manage about 1 cancer type at a time with humans. With glioblastomas, they’ve discovered that giving the patient herpes cures it, but then the patient is left with herpes for the rest of his/her life. Pancreatic cancer, if caught early enough, can be successfully eradicated–but the symptoms of pancreatic cancer don’t usually show up early enough to take advantage of this.

Your cream for skin cancers is just one more example of the fact that we need to expand our horizons as far as looking at other countries being so much more medically advanced than we are–I believe the profit motive is what hinders us here in America. There is far more money to be made from a disease or illness by merely TREATING it, as opposed to CURING IT OUTRIGHT. After all, Wall St. must be fed, right? Doctors and hospitals need repeat customers to keep the money flowing in (fee-for-service). Take the money incentive out of it, and perhaps all sorts of medical miracles would spring forth. Then, the focus would turn to keeping us OUT of medical establishments instead of keeping us going back to them, artificially restricting access to treatments and possible solutions until we pay up.

Andrea Tiktin-Fanti
Andrea Tiktin-Fanti
1 year ago

I read all of your posts but do not remember seeing this before. Thank you so much for sharing this.I am looking forward to trying it.