Brainstorming in Portland for the Metabolism Society

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Dr. Feinman, founder of the Nutrition and Metabolism Society, invited me to join him and two other Northwest NMS members for a brainstorming session in Portland a little over a week ago. D offered to drive me down, so we put on a CD of Bluegrass music and took the day off for a much-needed mini-vacation. That’s me, Dr. Ann Childers, Dr. Peter Ballerstedt, and Dr. Richard Feinman in the picture above (left to right).

I was thrilled to meet Dr. Ann Childers, a child and adult trained psychiatric physician who helps her patients regain their physical and mental health naturally through nutrition and sleep. Her website is:

Dr. Peter Ballerstedt is an advocate for sustainable, grass-fed beef. He has a blog about the production and utilization of animal fat and protein from forages and why it is vital to the health of humans, their communities, and the earth itself.  You may be surprised at some of what he has to say on the subject. Read more here:

And Dr. Feinman, a bigger-than-life hero in the low-carb community, is always a joy to talk with. I try to do more listening than talking, since he is a brilliant scientist as well as an articulate spokesman and activist who is passionate about changing the conventional wisdom of the medical establishment that has undermined the health of our nation. Check out Dr. Feinman’s new blog at:

The mission statement from NMS says:
“The Metabolism Society is dedicated to addressing the problems of obesity, diabetes & cardiovascular disease through public awareness and education. The Society believes specifically that the therapeutic potential of carbohydrate-restricted diets for the treatment of these diseases is under-investigated and under-utilized. The Society seeks to support research in this area….Our mission is to improve current nutritional guidelines and to see that sound scientific information is provided for the public.”

You can be a part of this important work by joining the Metabolism Society (you can now join for only $10.00 a year!). More information about ways you can support truth in science is here:

(c) 2011, Judy Barnes Baker

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