The Philippines and Singapore are Testing Coconut Oil as a Natural and Safe Antiviral Agent Against Coronavirus

coconut and coconut oil

The current approach to fighting the coronavirus is to slow down the rate of infection so we don’t overwhelm our healthcare facilities; we are more likely to survive if we have adequate tests, medical care, hospital beds, and respiratory equipment (which we don’t at this time). But there are things we can be doing right now to make sure that when we inevitably are exposed we will have mild symptoms and recover quickly.

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Pecan Bark


I’ve been looking through my books and blog posts to see which recipes are already low in vitamin A and which can be easily altered. This one is a winner. It is highly adaptable for everyone with dietary restrictions so we can all have candy for the holidays! You can substitute any nut or seed butter for the coconut manna in the original recipe, just be sure you get one that is not too thin. Almond butter, pecan butter, macadamia butter, etc. are good choices.…

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