Here’s my trick: I replaced some of the berries in this Keto Raspberry Dumpcake with rhubarb to thicken the filling without starch or gums while keeping the carbs low. Thickening recipes without starch is a challenge; I came up with a new way to do it without adding carbs or altering the taste of the fruit in this jammy, crunchy dessert. If you don’t tell anyone what is in it, they will never guess. (Here’s my trick: I replaced some of the berries in this…

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My kids planned a special gift for me for Mother’s Day. They know how much I like Meyer lemons so they ordered me a Meyer lemon tree and a kit with everything needed to successfully grow it indoors. It almost made it, but just about the time it should have arrived, there were reports of a terrible accident near Fife that backed up traffic for miles. All lanes on northbound Interstate 5 where closed for nine hours in a crash that involved two semi-trucks loaded…

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Too Good to be True? A Natural Sugar for Weight Loss

Chocolate-Sauce-with-Berries (

Research is showing that a certain natural sugar has multiple health benefits, including lowering blood glucose and significant weight loss. Two servings of food sweetened with seven grams each of this delicious substance have an effect comparable to that of a new drug for weight loss or even bariatric surgery!

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