Too Good to be True? A Natural Sugar for Weight Loss

Chocolate-Sauce-with-Berries (

Research is showing that a certain natural sugar has multiple health benefits, including lowering blood glucose and significant weight loss. Two servings of food sweetened with seven grams each of this delicious substance have an effect comparable to that of a new drug for weight loss or even bariatric surgery!

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Too Good to be True? Chocolate is Good for You!

Can a gift of silky, sensuous, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate possibly get any better? How about if it were good for you, AND IT HELPED YOU LOSE WEIGHT? It’s not science fiction; it’s not fantasy—it is a dream-come-true called Chocoperfection. These unbelievably tasty chocolate candy bars were the brainchild of Mary Jo Kringas. Mary Jo started working in her father’s candy store when she was five years old, so it’s easy to understand why she struggled with her weight. Since chocolate was the one food that she…

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