White Pumpkin Pie

White Pumpkin Pie - White Pumpkin Pie (carbwarscookbooks.com)

I was hoping to find a pumpkin or winter squash that was white inside and out before Thanksgiving so I could make a pumpkin pie that I could eat while detoxing from hypervitaminosis A.

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The Scariest Vegetable!

anglerfish-jack-o-lantern-pumpkin-2 (carbwarscookbooks.com)

My grandson, Brandon, a graduate student at Duke University’s Marine Lab in North Carolina, sent us pictures of his anglerfish jack-o-lantern. As you can see from the picture of a real anglerfish, he nailed it! (He used a lollipop for the lantern and the fins are made from a cereal box.) The anglerfish, with its gaping maw and fearsome jagged…

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I’ve been looking forward to the fall season after reading about Red Kuri Squash. It didn’t disappoint. Red Kuri may also be called Japanese Squash, Hokkaido Squash, or Uchiki Kuri Squash. It is Potimarron in France, and Onion Squash in the UK. In the US, it shows up around Halloween and disappears again after November. This tear-drop shaped, red-orange winter squash has the same high-fiber and low-carbohydrate count as pumpkin…

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