The Philippines and Singapore are Testing Coconut Oil as a Natural and Safe Antiviral Agent Against Coronavirus

coconut and coconut oil

Fabian Dayrit of Philippines recently raised the possibility of using monolaurin from coconut oil as a natural and safe antiviral agent for coronavirus.

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Repost: Vitamin A Elimination Diet Experience Survey Results

It showed that 76% reported that they either think they are on the right track or think that they are on the right track but they need to stay on it longer. I think that is an amazing result, but Grant wants the number to be 95+%.

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The Ask Marilyn column in this week’s Parade Magazine featured this question from a reader: “If you wished to test the effects of a placebo, what would you give the control group?” Good question. In her reply, she tells about a study in which sham acupuncture was pitted against sham…

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