Yet another study has exonerated saturated fat and cholesterol of any link to heart disease and fingered the real culprit. The new research, just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found no evidence that eating saturated fat led to an increase in heart disease or coronary events. The researchers evaluated the best evidence to date from almost 80 studies with more than half a million subjects. They looked, not only at what people reported eating, but the composition of the fatty acids in their fat tissue…

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It was our turn to have the family over for Easter dinner today. Since I needed to prepare everything quickly after coming home from church, I decided to serve my favorite ham, a Kurabuta from Snake River Farms. These hams come from Bershire hogs, a heritage breed that was “discovered” 300 years ago by Oliver Cromwell’s army, in winter quarters at Reading, the country seat of the shire of Berks in England.  (They were “discovered” in the same way that Columbus “discovered” America – the people who lived in Berkshire obviously…

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