Strong Medicine: Curing Obesity with Fresh, Fatty Beef

Strong Medicine - Curing Obesity with Fresh, Fatty Meat Beef (

Strong Medicine, by Dr. Blake Donaldson, was originally published in 1961. He was a family doctor and a natural story teller. This book is both a medical text and a personal memoir.

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1984 2014 The March 26, 1984 cover of Time Magazine showed a frowny face made out of bacon and eggs. The headline of the feature article said, “Cholesterol, and Now the Bad News.” Inside, an article titled, “Hold the Eggs and Butter,” started with this line: “Cholesterol is proved deadly, and our diet may never be the same.” Amazingly, that original article from the 1984 issue (you can read it here) actually stated that the study on which this conclusion was based was not a diet study…

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