Is There A Sugar Connection To COVID-19?

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“The virus spike may camouflage itself with sugar molecules. They flex and sway, potentially blocking the antibodies from attaching to the virus, neutralizing it.” There you have it, folks. There IS a sugar connection to coronavirus deaths that could explain why those who are obese or diabetic are much more likely to die from it.

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The New Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 were released today. Your can view the press conference here: Watch it to the end to see the question and answer segment and you will hear a representative from the American Dietetic Association gushing about the “excellent, excellent” guidelines and an angry woman in a red scarf demanding to know why they didn’t just say, “EAT LESS MEAT!” (She was told that saying “eat more seafood” means the same thing.) You will also hear Peter Farnham of…

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