Jiggly Cheesecake

Jiggly Cheesecake (CarbWarsCookbooks.com)

My low-carb, stovetop version of Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake is much less tedious and it gets its jiggle in a totally different way, but it jiggles just the same!

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This is a very simple cheesecake with options for making it without regular cream cheese or chicken eggs. I’ve discovered that even though I react badly to everything from a chicken (meat, feathers, and eggs), and to dairy products from A1-type cows, I can eat other kinds of eggs and the cheese, butter, and yogurt from goats and water buffalo. Remaking this recipe took some trail and error, but it was so worth it be able to eat cheesecake again! CHEESECAKE Ingredients 1 recipe of Almond…

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Butter is good. Clarified butter is better. Nearly everyone can eat clarified butter. It contains no sugar (lactose), no protein (casein or whey), and it is usually tolerated even by those who are allergic to dairy. It can be stored at room temperature and it makes a perfect fat for cooking because it won’t burn, even at frying temperatures. If it is made from the milk of Jersey* cows eating fresh, green grass, it is better yet. I’ve been making my own clarified butter from organic,…

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