Another day, another mass murder, this latest one in Longmont, Colorado. There were only four killed, and they were adults, so it didn’t get the media coverage devoted to the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, but it is now more apparent than ever that we are dealing with another epidemic. Everyone is asking “why did this happen?,” and, “what can we do?” Investigators are looking into the lives of the shooters to try to find the commonality between them. Gun control is being…

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Checking In

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I’ll be in and out for the next couple of weeks. I”ll be back soon with lots of new recipe ideas to test and share. Hope you are having a great summer! Meanwhile: There’s always lots of good info on Dr. McLeary’s blog: http://www.drmccleary.com/default.aspx This article was in the news yesterday. A pediatric Doctor’s organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics, is now recommending statins for 8-year old children! They also advise putting children on low-fat milk at the age of one year. What next? They…

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