Is There A Sugar Connection To COVID-19?

A Visual Guide to the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (

“The virus spike may camouflage itself with sugar molecules. They flex and sway, potentially blocking the antibodies from attaching to the virus, neutralizing it.” There you have it, folks. There IS a sugar connection to coronavirus deaths that could explain why those who are obese or diabetic are much more likely to die from it.

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Better Late than Never: Advice About Normal Blood Sugar From The ADA

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I was astonished to see the ADA logo at the top of an article titled, “Eight Tips for Super Blood Sugar Control,” in the May 24th issue of the Diabetes Health newsletter. If this was actually published with the approval of the ADA (and not another prank from Dr. Feinman*), it signals a turn-around of galactic proportions. The author, Clay Wirestone, even recommend reading the books of Gary Taubes and (are you sitting down?), Dr. Bernstein! When I was under contract to write a low-carb book for the ADA, they told me I could select anyone I wanted to write the…

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