The Philippines and Singapore are Testing Coconut Oil as a Natural and Safe Antiviral Agent Against Coronavirus

coconut and coconut oil

The current approach to fighting the coronavirus is to slow down the rate of infection so we don’t overwhelm our healthcare facilities; we are more likely to survive if we have adequate tests, medical care, hospital beds, and respiratory equipment (which we don’t at this time). But there are things we can be doing right now to make sure that when we inevitably are exposed we will have mild symptoms and recover quickly.

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What can you make with a pound of ground beef? A lot! Here’s a terrific addition to the list. There are endless of versions of meatball kabobs with many different names throughout the Middle East and India. This one, made with walnuts, aromatics, spices, and herbs, is based on a Turkish recipe. Serve them on low-carb flatbread or over a bed of riced…

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If you are on Facebook, you may already know about what happened to my husband. I have put off writing about it because I was not yet ready to relive the worst day of my life, but this very scary story contains an important warning that I feel I need to share as soon as possible. I don’t want what…

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LETTER FROM PARADISE, PART 2, and Hawaiian Coconut Dessert

coconut tapioca pudding - hawaii Allerton Gardens

We got a sample of the kind of Eden that once existed on Kauai when we visited the Allerton Gardens, a breathtaking tropical jungle created by Robert Allerton, a wanna-be artist from Chicago and heir to a family fortune, who purchased the land in 1938.

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Family trip to Kauai, 50th Anniversary, Hawaiian recipes: Chocolate Macadamias and Shave Ice. So much catching up to do! I came back from a family trip to Hawaii with stories to tell and ideas to share. Dean and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in June and our kids treated us to a party while we were all together on Kauai.…

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