Indy Sports, the Men’s Magazine features “Carb Wars”

The December issue of Indy Sports, The Men’s Magazine, featured a two-page article about Carb Wars, titled, “Healthy, Hearty Holiday Recipes for the Meat and Potatoes Man,” by Teresa Tanoos. It included two menus for Holiday meals based on recipes from the book. On the opposite page was “How to Read Labels, advice from Carb Wars and Judy Barnes Baker.” I just received a copy of the magazine today; it is beautifully done and I am thrilled to be featured in this fantastic publication! Indy Sports has a potential readership of over 100,000 readers.

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  1. This is fantastic Judy! Congrats!

  2. 100,000 readers? Uhh…

    I don’t mean to be a contrarian…but…uhh…

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