“What moistens the lip and what brightens the eye!
What calls back the past, like the rich pumpkin pie.”
—John Greenleaf Whittier, The Pumpkin, 1844

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.” — Cicero

I’ll be making some of our old favorites today and trying out a few new recipes if I have time. I want to try a new pie crust using the vodka trick developed by the America’s Test Kitchen folks after I get the necessary holiday dishes done. I’ve already got cranberry sauce in the fridge, and I plan to make my sugar-free faux sweet potatoes for the two of us and a regular batch for my daughter. I’ll make pumpkin pies, hopefully in the new crust, and low-carb dressing to go with the turkey. My husband has requested a mincemeat pie too, but he will probably have to wait until Christmas for that.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the kitchen.

Have a happy and healthful Thanksgiving! 

(C) 2008, Judy Barnes Baker

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