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I will be packing my ginger pills and joining a whole boatload of low-carbbers like myself for the 2nd annual low-carb cruise to Mexico, January 19-24, 2009. It will be tons of fun and I will finally get to meet many of my on-line friends in person. The cruise is a real bargain as cruises go, with prices for a shared interior cabin starting at just over $400. Since food is included, that’s cheaper than you could stay in most hotels.

We probably won’t get to see Jimmy Moore fall off the stage during a karaoke performance this time, but I’m sure he’ll do something equally entertaining (but hopefully less dangerous). Click here to sign up:

Jimmy’s blog post about the upcoming cruise is here:
You can read his posts about last year’s cruise here:, and here:

Becky Gandy has generously agreed to serve as group leader for this cruise. You can e-mail her at [email protected].

Join us if you can!

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