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“Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows, is honored by posterity because he was the last to discover America.”
–James Joyce

Today is Columbus Day, when we honor a courageous man who defied conventional wisdom to set out on a voyage of discovery. I’d like to introduce you to another brave explorer: Dr. Robert K. Su. This remarkable physician is one of many doctors who have independently discovered that the conventional wisdom about a healthful diet is sadly flawed and often has deadly consequences. And like Dr. Richard Bernstein, Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. Jay Wortman, Dr. James Carlson, Dr. Michael Eades, Dr. Eric Westman, and many others, he had the courage to tell the truth even at the of risk being ostracized and labeled as a trouble maker or even a quack for refusing to toe the line set by the medical establishment and Big Pharma.

After years of frustration trying to help his patients lose weight and improve their health, Dr. Su decided to use himself as a subject and perform experiments to see what worked. As usual, the science is clear once someone is open minded enough to see it. Dr. Su was so excited to discover that carbohydrate restriction was the solution to his own health issues that he wanted to tell others how to save themselves and enjoy a more healthful life. The title of his book says it bluntly:”Carbohydrates Can Kill.” In his passion to spread the good news to the world, Dr. Su started his own web site and pod cast series featuring many prominent figures in the growing low-carb community. I was delighted to be the subject of one of these pod casts. You can hear it here:


or here:


(C) Judy Barnes Baker, Carb Wars; Sugar is the New Fat
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